Flag Pole Accessories

flagpole icon [Converted]We provide vast variety of accessories for different type of flag pole requirements, also we design and accept custom make accessories for flag pole higher than 15 meter.

Like all our products, the flagpole accessories are made with the highest quality standards in mind in order to withstand tough conditions for many years.

Finial Accessories

Golden Brass

Silver Aluminium

Mushroom Shape

Cast Saddle Pulley Type for Aluminium Flag Pole

Pulley System

Banner Arm Accessories

Banner Arm Model RG-BAN1

Banner Arm Model RG-BAN2

Banner Arm Model RG-BAN3

RGD Banner Holder

Cast Holder Bracket
For Banner 0.6*2.6m

Normal Banner bracket

External Cleat

Stainless Steel Cleat

Plastic Cleat

Internal Clamp

Stainless Steel 316 Double clamp for internal halyard

Cast Aluminium Double Clamp for internal halyard

Stainless Steel V cleat for Internal Halyard


Wall Mount Bracket

Plastic 2 halves Foot cover

Stainless Steel Brush Foot cover

SS Finial (Available in silver and gold color)
PP Rope assembly
Stainless Steel V Cleat1
Stainless Steel V Cleat
Mechanical Winch
Winch Handle
Sling with Weight
Cast Aluminium Base 230*230*14mm for pole base diameter 100mm
Cast Aluminium Base 280*280*18mm for pole base diameter 157mm
Cast Aluminium Base 280*280*20mm for pole base diameter 166mm
Hinged Cast Aluminium Base 280*280*20mm for pole base diameter 166mm

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