Stainless Steel Flagpole

flagpole icon [Converted]RGDIL expert is one of the pioneering the fabrication of stainless steel flagpole, main material is stainless steel grade 304 and 316. Our pole default with brush or mirror finishing, however we accept customer requirement such as powder coating, fluorocarbon painting with RAL color code.

Flagpole is not complete with the essential accessories such as finial, internal clamp, external cleat, all component have been tested for it durability and strength, you can refer to our accessories page here.

We offer taper, straight both for conventional flagpole and banner flagpole. The tapered poles are wider at the base than at the top, and straight shafts are the same diameter from top to bottom. Each of the above referenced styles may be purchased with an internal or an external halyard. The halyard material is stainless steel that is used to raise and lower the flag. Internal halyard poles have the rigging on the inside of the pole, while external has the rigging on the outside of the pole.

Our standard product is ranging 6-20M, we too accept customize flagpole up to 60M. We offer up to 5 years for 304 and 10 years for 316 material for our pole, this show our quality commitment to our customer.

Our product range:



  • Banner Stainless Steel Flagpole
    Outdoor Fixed Arm with Fixed base
    Outdoor Fixed Arm with Hinged base
    Outdoor Fixed Arm with Tension bar and Fixed base
    Outdoor Fixed Arm with Tension bar and Hinged base
    Outdoor Swing Arm with Rotating Pole


  • Wall Mount Stainless Steel Flagpole


  • Wind drive Stainless Steel Flagpole
    Need specify the 3 phase voltage during inquiry, by default the voltage is 380V.